Step Into the Light

Use today's technology to cast a bright light on your company

On-premise visual communications are among a marketer’s most effective advertising tools. In fact, research indicates that as many as half of a start-up business’ customers learned about a new business because of its sign. Studies also show that 85% of the customers of business-to-consumer companies live within five miles of the business’ location. That translates to an opportunity for local customers to view your exterior communications more than 50 times each month.1

But how many of those times will be during daylight hours? To fully capitalize on the benefits of exterior advertising, there is one critical component to incorporate: lighting.  A well-lit sign transforms your message into a 24/7 advertisement, boosts brand recognition and affinity, increases revenue and can even lend beauty and distinction to your community.

Lighted signs can be just as effective for indoor visual communications, too. Illuminated indoor directories, menu signage, lobby displays and wayfinding signage are just a few of the ways that lighting makes a difference for visual communications of all varieties. With the variety of options available today, it’s important to understand the different choices and applications of each.


Lightboxes are popular for both indoor and outdoor use. A full-color graphics panel featuring your company’s branding or messaging is brightly illuminated from the rear with energy-efficient LEDs (light-emitting diodes) or incandescent bulbs.

These versatile lighted displays work well in a variety of placements. Position them in a window where they can be read any time of day, regardless of the sun’s glare. Lightboxes are also ideal for point-of-purchase displays because they get noticed, are lightweight—meaning they can easily be added to any wall or promotional display—and make it easy to swap out messaging to match your latest promotion.

Backlit Monument Signs

Backlit monument signs are highly visible during the day or night. This option is internally illuminated and constructed with translucent panels. Their larger, sturdy size and bright visibility make them a popular signage solution for businesses that border busy roads.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Illuminated channel letters are dimensional designs faced with translucent acrylic and backlit with energy-efficient LEDs, neon or incandescent bulbs. In addition to being highly visible at night, the dimensions of channel letters make them easy to see during the day, which makes them a popular choice among storefront businesses.

LED Readerboards

These dynamic message boards allow businesses to program multiple or moving messages remotely from a handheld control pad or computer. This visual communication option makes it easy to change a message, as well as to enhance that message with flashing or scrolling text and even add changing colors and graphics.

Lighted Visual Communications: A Very Bright Idea

Virtually any business can boost its brand and enhance the impact of its visual communications through the strategic use of lighted signage. With so many options to choose from, talk to the professionals at Image360 about what’s right for you. Their experienced team is skilled at selecting the right lighting options that make the most of your budget to maximize your message.



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