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Barricades, Caution Tape & Queuing Line Solutions

Keep events orderly and people safe from unexpected hazards.

Managing the chaos of large crowds and the rubbernecking of passing onlookers can be a major time-sink – unless you have barricades, queueing lines and caution tape. These signs and barriers can indicate where a ticket line begins, cordon impediments or hazards, and keep your crowds moving like a well-oiled machine.

While many people have seen barricades and crowd control signage, or are at least familiar with them through depictions on television and film (most notably police dramas), few are aware of the role that queuing lines play in their day-to-day lives. But what defines a queuing line?

Ready to take the next step with barricades, caution tape, and queueing lines?

Contact us today and set up a consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and find the solution best-suited to your business. You can count on Image360 Brookfield for measurement, design concepts and permitting (when required) as well as mounting or installation. Every location is a local source for custom graphics, signage and displays. Second-to-none in delivery time and quality signs, at Image360 Brookfield, we take barricades and safety signage seriously. 

What are queueing lines and how can they help me?

Queue lines, or waiting lines, are defined by their function. They often consist of multiple posts, called stanchions, that link end-to-end with a rope or belt.

These links are made from different materials, which are chosen to match the formality of an event. For example, a movie theater may be more comfortable employing vinyl, retractable belts, whereas a grand opening or a gala event may opt for velvet rope instead. You can rely on Image360 Brookfield to help any business match a line system to their specific needs.

Waiting lines can be laid out in several different ways to improve efficiency and the flow of pedestrian traffic. We recommend two small queue lines side-by-side to accommodate the ebb and flow of traffic.

Queueing lines can be found at:

  • Movie theaters
  • Restaurant counters
  • Bag or coat checks
  • Ballroom events
  • Concerts
  • Government agencies

What are the advantages of using caution tape?

  • Caution tape is almost universally identifiable. Because of the color coding of traffic signs and signals across the United States, people have a subconscious reaction to the yellow and black color of the tape.
  • Looking for versatility? Caution tape is uniquely adaptable to almost any situation. The material isn’t rigid, and can span across any conceivable distance, as long as your supply is ample.
  • Complete visibility in almost any situation. With customizable and bio-degradable options from Image360, your warning tape will be seen in fog, blizzard, or heavy rain.
  •  Barrier hazard tape is a great value. It’s a low-cost, dynamic solution in comparison to traditional, metal signage.

Caution tape can be found at:

  • Hazard zones
  • Construction sites
  • Areas requiring maintenance
  • Crime scenes
  • Restricted areas

What are safety barricades, and how do I use them?

Caution tape will suffice for smaller crowds, but if your business or community needs to block vehicle traffic, a barricade is the signage option of choice.

Barricades are often orange and white for visibility, and durable enough to withstand inclement weather, as well as repeated knockdowns from vehicles and crowds. They are typically made of metal and polyethylene.

Using pedestrian barricades is an effective way to keep vehicles and pedestrians separate at events like festivals and parades. Simply place them along the sidewalk of a chosen route, or use them to block off entire roadways.

Barricades can be found at:

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Barricades, Caution Tape & Queuing Line
Barricades, Caution Tape & Queuing Line
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