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No wrong place for Wooden Signage

No wrong place for Wooden Signage


You wouldn’t put neon letters up above your garage door – just the same as you wouldn’t put a coroplast rectangle printed with your company’s name out front of your world headquarters. Certain locations require certain types of signs, from low key to highly visible and everything in between. However, there’s one type of signage that is always a good choice – beautiful routed wooden signs. Wooden signs can be made in almost any size, cut to any shape, and stained, painted, lighted, gilded – even scorched to create just the right look for just the right location. Lets look at some great locations for routed wooden signs, and some examples of each.

Entryway Wooden Signage

Is your business in a rental office building, or perhaps a rental space in a mini-mall? It’s unlikely that you can do much to the facsade of the building – you don’t own it. So your business moves into a building that was there, looking like it did long before you arrived and like it will long after you leave. Will anyone notice you were ever there? Routed Wooden Signage from Image360 Corporate is a great option!    Easily attached to almost any wall surface, this signage goes places that lighted channel letters and neon cannot – while looking more professional than acrylic cutouts.

Headquarters or Real Estate Monument Signage

wooden monument signWhether you need to mark the entryway to a fine neighborhood, a community business park or your company’s own headquarters’ grounds, wooden monument signage will have the desired effect. Custom shapes, almost limitless sizes and easy painting and finishing make wooden monument signs one of the most versatile types of signage.

Wooden monument signs are often combined with masonry, stonework or even metal installations to complete an imposing and lasting monument that’ll catch eyes for its durability and statelieness as a sign as much as its attractiveness.

Hanging Signage and Posts

Custom Carved Wooden Signage for hanging on posts used to be the most common form of sign. Somewhere along the way, this distinctive type of wooden signage all but disappeared from down towns. Fortunately, Image360 Corporate is bringing it back with full hanging sign solutions. Image360 Corporate will help you identify the right place to hang your sign, how big of a sign your space will support, and put together a package of sign and hanging equipment that will catch eyes and drive business.

With light on both sides, hanging wooden signs are often cut to interesting shapes or carved with embossed or bas-relief images. Modern printing techniques also means that complex and attractive graphics can be directly applied to your wooden hanging signage, giving an impression of both old-world charm and new-world sophistication in one sign.


Post and Panel Wooden Signs

Last but not least, the wooden post and panel sign. As affordable as a couple of 4×4′s and some plywood, and as quick to create as any sign type out there, the wooden post and panel sign is a mainstay of the signage industry. Easily disassembled and set up in a different location, these portable signs are colorful, easily noticed and definitely get the job done.

But that’s not all

There are plenty of other places to find wooden signage as well – on houses and homes, inside buildings, even on vehicles! The experts at Image360 Corporate can help you identify just the right place to install some wooden signage in your business or home – and think of ways to use it that you had never considered!


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5 Star Rating!

I wanted to formally thank you for such an amazing job in such a short notice with the BK Convention. Your passion and professionalism once again came to live...We not only received comments from PepsiCo Brasil, Guatemala, Mexico, and other countries but also from the direct competitors that were on site. So, kudos to you all!!! Hoping to work with you once again.

5 Star Rating!

Everyone was extremely helpful and every nice. Your graphic design team did a wonderful job touching up our design and getting it prepared for large print. The "Action Glow" sign/banner we ordered was better than we could imagine! You did a great job and we highly recommend your company!

5 Star Rating!

Thank you for helping us with the auction signs last week! They looked great at Saints and Sinners and I appreciate you getting them turned around to us in less than a week! I enjoy working with you and I appreciate your extra effort!

5 Star Rating!

I have been working with Dave & team for over two years now. From the very start, they impressed me with their efficient, professional, and customer focused manner. Their approach not only inspired my confidence in their organization, but has forged a fantastic business relationship that I believe will carry on for years to come.

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