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Back To School Signage: The newest advancement answers the most important question, “What’s for lunch?”

Back To School Signage: The newest advancement answers the most important question, “What’s for lunch?”


Back To School Signage

The newest advancement answers the most important question, “What’s for lunch?”

The occasion of a new school year is one that prompts many administrators to review the current state of their signage and assess their needs for new or replacement signs.

Signs welcoming new students and parents and identifying drop-off/pick-up points or parking areas often top the list. Of course, so do signs alerting people to events such as football games, concerts, musicals and other performances 

Among the most exciting developments in back-to-school signage are digital menu displays for cafeterias. Long the province of uninspiring, low-tech options like dry-erase boards, the flat digital screens work multiple ways to benefit students and administrators alike: 

•    They’re entertaining. The dynamic presentation is able to capture the attention and hold the interest of pupils waiting in line who otherwise may become bored and uninterested in nutrition.

•    They’re informative. The digital displays showcase not only the day’s menu choices in an attractive and appetizing manner—they also communicate nutrition data such as protein, calories and carbohydrates.

•    They’re persuasive. Complete with bright colors and appealing icons, dietitians use the flat screens to promote healthy eating choices such as fruits and vegetables.

•    They’re versatile. The screens can be split into zones, enabling administrators to show scrolling, text-based announcements or video from school events as well as menu choices.

Best of all, these new digital displays don’t require a lot of homework. Administrators can easily update them via a simple, web-based content management system. Running low on tuna salad sandwiches and substituting grilled cheese in their place? No problem. From any location, school staff can log in and make updates to see results instantly on the cafeteria display!

Make the grade with Image360 Baltimore-White Marsh.

Your local resource for graphics that enhance, displays that inform and signage that works, rely on us for back-to-school signs of all types—including new digital displays for cafeterias. To get started, contact us today.


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