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Littleton Public Schools,
Littleton, Colorado

Making the grade! Image360 takes on a major multiphase ADA signage makeover requiring the fabrication and installation of 12,000 signs at 27 facilities.



In early 2016, Littleton Public Schools (LPS) decided to launch an ADA signage initiative. With it, they would replace all existing Americans with Disabilities Act signs in the interest of adhering to the latest regulations while also standardizing the LPS room numbering systems and updating sign designs—most of which varied widely from facility to facility.

The district operates 27 facilities—including 13 elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools as well as several alternative programs, preschools and two charter schools—serving 15,000 students from six municipalities just south of Denver. For the initiative, LPS envisioned a three-phase implementation plan, with each addressing nine facilities and requiring the fabrication and installation of no fewer than 4,000 ADA signs.



The school district’s call for bids went out to multiple signage resources, but one quickly went to the head of the class: Image360 – Littleton, Colorado. The Center’s price was competitive, but what really won over the LPS selection committee was the quality of the sample ADA signs that Image360 – Littleton provided as part of the bidding process.

Image360 – Littleton was awarded the contract after recommending signs in two-ply, non-glare acrylic. The clear top layer could be routed to shape, engraved to create raised text and pictograms and back-printed with the blue color preferred by LPS. Another backing layer of acrylic “sandwiched” the color printing to preserve its beauty and also provide a surface on which foam tape can affix the new ADA signage to the school walls.



The district’s sizable 4,000-sign Phase I order kept Image360 – Littleton’s fabrication crews and installation teams working steadily for three weeks in March, and they are currently implementing Phase II in time for the start of school this fall. Phase III is scheduled for the summer of 2017.

The Center’s hard work—and superior results—earned high marks from Littleton Public Schools. The district’s Capital Programs Director said this of Image360 – Littleton: “Their quick grasp of our intentions, creative response to our needs and flexibility with scheduling challenges made a formidable project manageable, affordable and, ultimately, successful beyond our expectations.”


Earning straight A’s! Working on a large scale and within an aggressive timeline, the school district’s ADA signage makeover showcased Image360 – Littleton’s many capabilities—including creativity, material knowledge, fabrication prowess and installation expertise.


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