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Richmond, Virginia

Going the extra mile! Image360 – Richmond, Virginia supports a start-up pedicab service by fabricating sign panels, printing graphics and updating advertising.



When the new owners of Spoken4 envisioned an eco-friendly pedicab taxi and tour service for Richmond, Virginia, in 2013, they were faced with two challenges. Their initial order of five vehicles arrived with not much more than tubular frames—dictating the need for panels on which to advertise local sponsors and brand the new company.

Of course, professionally produced graphics were needed, too. Each pedicab’s upper-back panels were reserved for advertiser communications while the lower sections were devoted to messages noting, “Your Chariot Awaits” along with Spoken4’s logo and phone number.


For expert assistance, Spoken4 reached out to Image360 – Richmond, Virginia. The principals of both companies have enjoyed a 10-year business relationship. The Center owners had previously gained the start-up founder’s trust by satisfying her ad agency’s frequent needs for large-format graphics on behalf of a major client.

Intrigued at the Center’s first-ever pedicab opportunity, Image360 – Richmond visited the new company, assessed its needs and measured the tubular frames. The recommendation? Aluminum side and back panels as a lightweight and durable solution on which the start-up’s signage could be readily mounted.


Once the panels were fabricated and riveted to the pedicabs, Image360 – Richmond addressed the signage itself—printing, cutting, laminating and installing Spoken4’s branding panels as well as the paid advertising messages in attractive, affordable and durable vinyl graphics, which can be changed regularly.

Image360 – Richmond not only earned praise from Spoken4 but also repeat business. Today, the display, graphics and signage resource remains the pedicab company’s go-to source for new sponsor ads as well as replacement aluminum panels and branding messages, which endure heavy wear given the start-up’s popularity!


Street smarts! In addition to displaying their design talents in printing and mounting vinyl graphics for the pedicab company, Image360 – Richmond team members also showcased their expertise in fabricating and installing aluminum sign panels.


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