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APRIL 2016

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Jack Devine Gym Floors, Voorhees, New Jersey

At the buzzer, Image360 - Marlton, New Jersey scores a big win in designing floor graphics for a college basketball court!



In 2015, Hostos Community College in the Bronx—one of 24 CUNY (City University of New York) educational institutions—sought permanent graphics for the floor of its basketball court.

The previous airbrushed designs proudly proclaiming “Caiman Nation” had begun to fail after only about two years, and the college needed a longer-term solution.

The new execution promised to be fun! In keeping with the school mascot’s crocodilian motif, the requested design was to feature orange-tinted alligator skin!



For more permanent floor graphics, Hostos College looked to the specialists at Jack Devine Gym Floors who, in turn, relied on the support of their long-time local signage, graphics and display center—Image360 - Marlton.

Working together, the teammates determined their challenges would be threefold: 1) design, 2) material and 3) protective finish. The size and scale of the new graphics dictated that they be created from scratch. To achieve the longevity required of the new design, an optimum cast-vinyl floor graphic would not only need to be fabricated and applied, but also protected with a varnish that would interact positively with the vinyl, seal the design and create a long-lasting, wear-resistant solution.



To create Hostos College’s custom floor graphics, Image360 - Marlton designers started with a basic alligator scale pattern. They next added color and filters to blend the color transitions, softening them to match the texture of alligator skin.

Image360 - Marlton then called on industry leader 3M Company for insights on which vinyl would be optimal for a floor graphic application. Lastly, Jack Devine Gym Floors and Image360 - Marlton sought the expertise of a top floor finishing producer to determine which liquid varnish would best protect and preserve the vinyl floor graphic once it was applied.

The final obstacle? New York’s notorious traffic! But through planning, the crew from Jack Devine Gym Floors, Image360 - Marlton and a 3M-certified installer laid down the school’s new floor graphics in just two days!

Displaying creativity, initiative and teamwork, Image360 - Marlton was inspired by the Hostos Community College Caimans to make this project a slam dunk!