Digital Signage Is a Boost for Restaurants and Retail Businesses
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Digital Signage Is a Boost for Restaurants and Retail Businesses

Digital Signage Is a Boost for Restaurants and Retail Businesses


More and more restaurants and other retail businesses are transitioning to digital menu boards and digital retail signs to attract customers and increase sales.

One shining example? Doug Ciampa, owner of Jimmy’s Grotto restaurant in Waukesha, Wisconsin, was looking to give customers a “fresher look” at his front counter. He did so several months ago, replacing older menu boards with digital LED (light-emitting diode) screens, which have proven to be far less intensive to alter and much more attractive to customers.

An LED retail sign is a flat-panel display that employs many light-emitting pixels for a crisp video display. The brightness of these retail signs and menu boards enables them to be used outdoors effectively as well as indoors.

Nearby businesses quickly saw the light. The Waukesha Civic Theatre got in on the trend when it added two LED boards to its entrance, allowing passersby to see information regarding upcoming shows. Other local businesses like The Rox Bar & Grille and the Waukesha County Expo Center joined in upgrading their exterior restaurant sign and retail signage to LED displays.

Of course, small businesses aren’t the only ones thinking big when it comes to digital retail signage and display cases. It’s reported that McDonald’s is planning to roll out an “experience of the future” concept that will include an option of ordering at a kiosk. Customers can still order at the counter if they’re paying with cash or don’t desire to use the touchscreen display cases.

Panera Bread is another major chain with eyes for the attractiveness and efficiency of digital menu boards, display cases and other innovative solutions. Its Panera 2.0 initiative will give diners a way to order via mobile applications and pick up their orders at a desired time. 

Customers will also enjoy the option of using a mobile device to order from their table and have the food delivered directly there. Another digital efficiency planned by Panera? Wait times will be shortened for guests who elect to use a “mini” menu board on an iPad near the front registers!

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