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Create Memorable Signage with Mixed Media

Create Memorable Signage with Mixed Media


To deliver solutions that truly distinguish themselves, many designers go beyond a single medium. The result? Highly original and instantly memorable architectural signage, lobby displays and other mixed media signs.

In this instance, media is defined as both the materials (e.g., metal, plastic and wood) and techniques (e.g., coloring, illumination, layering and texturing) used by designers to produce a work such as a sign or display.

A wall display featuring a collage of photographs, artwork and dimensional letters is one easy example of mixed media.

A reception-area sign combining a two-dimensional company name and 3D logo in colored plastic mounted on clear acrylic would be another. But why stop there? You could back it with steel for contrast and offset it from the wall with stand-offs for a more ambitious and striking undertaking!  

Monument signs also often exemplify today’s mixed media signage. Almost sculptural in their executions, many combine metal, stone and other materials, including dynamic digital signage elements. The logo and company or development name may appear on different levels as layered art. Any number of textures—including weathered wood, brick or even rusted steel—can enhance the appeal. And selective illumination such as spotlights or backlighting might dramatize the sign’s presentation. 

When it comes to mixed media for signs and displays, the combinations are seemingly endless—and so are the creative possibilities!

For amazing ideasincluding mixed media signage solutions—look to Image360 Baltimore-White Marsh.

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“It was wonderful working with both Bob and Fran. Their designers are awesome They listened to us and their creative efforts paid off. The level of attention to detail was top notch. And they delivered and installed in time and as expected.”

- Pat Allshouse, Catholic Community of St Francis Xavier.

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“One of my all-time favorite vendors, who I have had the pleasure of working with for over 15 years. They do outstanding work and have great customer service.”

- Joe McIver, Morgan State University.

5 Star Rating!

“The projects which I have given Image360 have required detail, precision and attention and they have performed flawlessly. I can not thank them enough!”

- Brian Brown, Baltimore City Fire Department.

5 Star Rating!

“I am particularly satisfied with your eye-catching art works and promptness of action.”

- Frederick Oladeinde, Atosk Healthcare Services.

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