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Best Wayfinding: The Practice Of Helping Visitors Navigate, The Art Of Building Your Brand

Best Wayfinding: The Practice Of Helping Visitors Navigate, The Art Of Building Your Brand


To academics, wayfinding is defined as the information systems (i.e., signage) that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding of the space. It’s considered particularly important in complex “built” environments such as urban centers and transportation facilities as well as healthcare and educational campuses, not to mention shopping malls, office centers and stadiums.

More practically, wayfinding refers to the signs, maps, directories and other visual or audio communication tools you use to convey location and directions to your shoppers, visitors or event attendees. They may need to get from Point A (e.g., your store’s entrance) to Point B (e.g., the shoe department), ands it’s wayfinding that helps them do so!

Optimally, wayfinding works even harder. Creatively designed and well executed, it also serves to build your brand and enhance your décor.

How? By going beyond your guests’ need to navigate and your requirement to adhere to ADA (American with Disabilities Act) regulations to incorporate your company or organization’s logo, corporate colors, graphics and typefaces to create a consistent branding experience.

That said, branded wayfinding’s consistent signage goes far beyond the inside of your facility. From your parking lot to billboards miles away, it’s important to keep a strong, consistent brand that will develop trust, encourage repeat customers and enhance returning business.

What’s more, don’t always think bricks-and-mortar “facility” when considering branded wayfinding. Special events from tent sales to golf outings charity runs also need signage that orients and directs, and if those signs build your brand in the process, all the better!

 One of the leading practitioners of branded wayfinding? Amtrak. The nation’s intercity passenger rail service –operating more than 300 daily trains and connecting 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces – adheres not only to strict wayfinding standards, but also to the belief that, “Signage also helps reinforce the Amtrak brand by creating a consistent image across the nation.”

Need expert assistance with branded wayfinding? Find your way to Image360!

As one of the industry’s first custom sign and graphics companies, we’re experienced at creating high-quality indoor and outdoor solutions that are affordable to businesses of all sizes. Our solutions extend, of course, to wayfinding that promotes your brand as well as it guides your visitors.

Contact us today. Expert assistance in solving your branded wayfinding and other signage and graphic challenges is just a phone call away.


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5 Star Rating!

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