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Benefit from Custom 3D Signage at Any Scale

Benefit from Custom 3D Signage at Any Scale


Walk or drive down any city street and you’ll witness the prevalence of three-dimensional (3D) signage—most often in the forms of letters, company logos and graphics mounted on small business storefronts or building sides.

The popularity of 3D signage should come as no surprise. Literal standouts with the added dimension of depth, they offer a more attractive and engaging appearance over their flat, two-dimensional counterparts!

As for flexibility, 3D letters and logos can be fabricated in a variety of metals and plastics, lending themselves to indoor or outdoor use in any climate. Your illumination choices are plentiful. Three-dimensional signage can benefit from front lighting, back lighting and halo lighting, wherein internal illumination creates a “halo” effect at night and in other low-light conditions. What’s more, these signage choices are well within the budgets of many small businesses.

The disadvantages of 3D signage are almost too few to mention; before ordering dimensional letters and logos, you will want to consider your municipality’s signage regulations, which is a smart move prior to mounting any signs. You also should keep an eye on maintenance. On exterior applications, three-dimensional signs are subject to the usual culprits of damage: wind and temperature extremes as well as fading from the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) light.

Of course, such considerations didn’t faze designer Rishikesh Raut of Lonavla, India. In 2015, he fashioned a monumental 3D sign in metal for installation at the Almatti Dam in Karnataka. Comprising a series of letters the size of two-story buildings, the three-dimensional sign measured 370 feet in length, which is larger than the 350-foot "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles!

For expert assistance with 3D signage, rely on Image360 Baltimore-White Marsh.

Your local resource for graphics that enhance, displays that inform and signage that works, look to Image360 Baltimore-White Marsh for affordable, custom designed three-dimensional letters, logos and graphics for application indoors or out. To get started, contact us today.


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