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Frequently Asked Questions

As your full service signage and graphics partner, we always offer on-site and center consultations. But if you would like to gain understanding of our signage process prior to contacting Image360 - Alpharetta for your graphic solutions, we have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will ensure a smooth and effortless decision-making process:

The best graphics solutions for me?

What is the process for determining the best graphic solutions for my needs?

We begin every project with a new customer getting to know their business and goals. Discussing the intention or purpose of the custom graphics, where will they be viewed, how the graphics are placed, etc.  This consultation helps us determine the best signage materials, colors and mounting methods in constructing your sign to achieve your desired visual communications outcome.

Custom Sized Signage

Do you make signage and graphics in standard sizes?

At Image360 - Alpharetta, we can build your custom graphics at any size needed to achieve your desired outcome. There are some standard sizes for basic real estate signs and some regulatory signs, such as parking signs, but the majority of the signage and graphics we produce are designed to fit the needs of the customer and the variables of where the sign will be displayed.

Signage & Graphics Lifetime

How long will a custom sign last?

At Image360 - Alpharetta, we use a wide variety of materials in the construction of our signage and graphics. We have sign materials that are preferred for short-term applications, as well as materials that will withstand the test of time. For more information about the options available concerning sign life, please contact a trained professional at Image360 - Alpharetta.

Signage & Branding

How do full-color graphics help my brand?

Full-color graphics have the potential to make your business more professional and consistently branded. High resolution and full-color graphics also increase the customer’s perception of the quality of your businesses’ products and services.

Custom Signage Color Schemes

What colors show up the best on my sign?

The choice of color is a very important aspect when considering the effectiveness of a particular message for your company’s signage and graphics.  Make sure to discuss color options with a graphics specialist at Image360 - Alpharetta.

Custom Sign Visibility

How visible will my sign be?

Different fonts and color combinations can affect distance readability of your sign. Our team of signage professionals are trained to provide tailored and specific recommendations on these options. Our consultants will work with you to understand how the placement of your signage and graphics will affect visibility – providing the ideal signage solution to meet your needs.

Partial vs Full Vehicle Wraps

What’s the difference between a partial vehicle wrap and a full vehicle wrap?

A full vehicle wrap covers every area of exposed paint on the vehicle, while a partial vehicle wrap might only cover a side or a body panel of your car, van or bus.

Computer Screen Color vs Actual Color

Is the color I see on my monitor or tablet accurate to what I’ll receive?

Because color is subjective and can be produced by many methods, there may be slight variations in the way color appears on your signage. Using state-of-the-art technology, we will, in almost all cases, be able to produce the color you desire. 

Laminating a Sign

Do I need laminate on my sign?

In many cases, lamination is not required to produce a durable sign, but can enhance the appearance and will extend the life of most signage and graphics.

Installing a Sign

Does Image360 - Alpharetta provide sign installation services?

Image360 - Alpharetta can handle any type of sign installation. Please visit our sign installations services section to learn more.

Sign Consultation Services

Can Image360 - Alpharetta provide on-site consultations?

We are more than happy to meet with you at your location to help direct and provide the correct signage solution for your graphics needs.

Sign Consultation Services

Do I need a permit to install my signage and graphics?

Permitting requirements vary from across the country and will revolve around the size and location of the signage and graphics.  In addition, some cities and townships simply do not allow businesses to install certain types of signage solutions. The trained signage experts at Image360 - Alpharetta understand local sign permitting requirements and will ensure the solution you need meets all regulations.

For answers to signage questions not featured here, please contact Image360 - Alpharetta. One of our trained professionals is always on-hand to assist with your project needs.

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a consultation with Image360 - Alpharetta by clicking the “Start a Conversation” button below or calling directly 770-442-5707.

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Sign Laws & Regulations

What are the Monument Sign laws and regulations in my area?

Every town & village has their own rules and regulations about the size, position and design of Monument Signs, including signs in brick, stone, wood, lightboxes and more. Our local signage experts live where you do, and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us!

Signs & Graphics Costs

Are Custom Signs & Custom Graphics expensive?

We offer custom sign & custom graphics solutions for every budget. A high quality, full color vehicle wrap can be several thousand dollars. For smaller budgets, we also offer ready to apply lettering, vehicle logos & more. A large, fully custom illuminated sign again can be daunting for the small business owner. That's why we also offer custom awnings, overhangs & more basic signage solutions, to draw attention at a reasonable price.

Vehicle Wrap Costs

How Much does a vinyl car wrap cost?

Vehicle Wrap costs depend on a number of factors. The size of the vehicle to be wrapped; the intracacies of the die cut to make the wrap fit the vehicle; the volume of graphics on the wrap; the time involved to create or convert graphics for printing, and more. Partial Wraps or Vehicle Graphics can be as little as a few hundred dollars, while full vehicle wraps for a bus, truck or large boat may cost several thousand. Contact your local Image360 today to learn more about Vehicle Wrap and Vehicle Graphics options.

Custom Banner Costs

How much does a custom made banner cost?

A custom made banner may cost just a few dollars up to several hundred, or even several thousand, depending on what you want to do. If you want a simple, ring-hook vinyl banner printed with ready made text and graphics, it will be very affordable. However, Image360 also offers fabric banners, flutter flags and feather banners, oversize banners, and even mesh banners and building wraps that will cover thousands of square feet! Obviously, some of these projects will be more costly - but the experts at Image360 will work with you to ensure that your project meets your needs without overreaching your budget.

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